Session Tracking in Servlet and its Techniques

In this tutorial, we will learn What is Session, Session tracking in the servlet, why do we use session and various techniques for Session. Basically, there are 4 techniques to manage the session. Before discussing its techniques in details let's first understand the basics of the session.

What is Session?

The session is defined as a particular interval of time. The data of the session are stored on a server. A Session is a conversation between a client browser and a server.

What is session tracking in servlet?

Session tracking means keeping needful information about the user and his action for a series of conversion. Session tracking is also known as Session Management.

Why do we use Session?

HTTP is a stateless protocol that means each time user requests to the server, it treats a new request as shown in the figure given below. It provides no built-in-way for a server to recognize that a sequence of requests all originated for the same user. To maintain the state of a user to recognize particular user session tracking will use. To understand this see the image given below:
Session tracking in servlet and its techniques

Session Tracking techniques:

There is 4 way to manage the session. If you learn all the techniques in detail read the articles given below.

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